2013 Detroit Auto Show: Audi RS 7

Audi just confirmed that its bringing the RS 7 to this year motor show in Detroit as part of the expansion of the RS lineup.

audi-rs-7-sportbackThe RS 7 sports the same twin-turbo V-8 powerplant as the S8 but the output has been increased to 560 horses and a torque of 516 lb-ft. There is a good gain of 40HP and a 35 lb-ft from the configuration of the powerplant for the S8.

The powerful 4.0L engine is linked to an eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox that sends the power to all corners of the vehicle. The Audi RS 7 can blast from 0 to 62 miles an hour in a matter of 3.9 seconds. It has a top speed of 155 mph. The Dynamic Package can bring this number up to 174 mph while the Dynamic Package Plus will have no problem pushing it the car to 190 mph.

Despite the excellent performance numbers, the car manufacturer boasts that it has a fuel economy of 24 miles a gallon on European standards. It is able to achieve this number because of technologies like a start-stop system and Audi’s cylinder deactivation.

At low speeds, certain cylinders of the engine are not used. While operating using just four cylinders, the RS 7 makes use of active engine bearing to cancel any excessive vibrations or unnecessary counter-oscillations.

Buyers has an array of options to have the desired suspension, aluminum rims, and brakes. The body of the Audi RS 7 is crafted from a good blend of very strong steel and aluminum.

For the interior, buyers are treated with leather and Alcantara-hugged sports seats. Buyers can also opt for a solid leather called Valcona leather while an Alcantara headliner can also be ordered. The cabin boasts of carbon fiber trims with a long list of personalization elements.

We still do not have the official pricing for the Audi RS 7 but we will keep you posted!

Mercedes-Benz plans overhaul of existing lineup, set to introduce new vehicles to U.S. market

2012-Mercedes-Benz-C250-CoupeLexus has dominated the luxury car segment in the United States for the past decade but Mercedes-Benz is on the surge and climbing back up. The German luxury car manufacturer plans to refresh around nineteen exist vehicle models and add at least 11 new vehicles to its lineup in the U.S. through 2020.

This strategy of Mercedes-Benz might be seen by some as pushing things to the limit and thinning the brand too much. The CEO of the company explains that the move to introduce new vehicles and revamp the current lineup is crucial to attracting younger buyers. The brand aims to magnet the Gen Y that are starting to reach the peak of their earning powers and the Millennials who will be getting promotions and raises. As of now, the C-Class is still the entry-level vehicle for consumers in the U.S.

During a recent meeting in Las Vegas, the top execs of Mercedes-Benz discussed the strategy of the expansion and seeing it as an opportunity to talk to new customers. The plan to appeal to younger generations include the introduction of a compact and sleek CLA sedan that will be based on the CLS. The AMG variant of this will be capable of cranking out more than 300 horses. There will also be the GLA, an SUV based on the A-Class. There will also be a new convertible C-Class that provides an alternative to the more expensive E-Class convertible.

The ultra-luxury Maybach has been discontinued since last year but Mercedes-Benz will never forget about their higher-end clientele. Those who love the Maybach may find comfort in the long-wheelbase version of the S-Class.

Ferrari’s record making meet at Silverstone Circuit

silverstone-circuitFerrari North Europe aims to have 1000 Ferrari ‘s and that is what they will be getting come 15 September at the Silverstone Circuit for the Ferrari Racing Days.

The Ferrari division in Europe is hoping to break its own record that was set back in 2007 with the Guinness World Record for the biggest parade of Ferrari cars. The record at the time was set with 385 Ferrari cars participating. The record was beaten in 2008 at Fuji Speedway Circuit with a record 490 Ferrari supercars gathering to set a new record.

The Italian supercar manufacturer will be throwing donation of 5 quids to benefit BEN, the own charity foundation of the automotive industry for every car that will participate in the event.

The exclusive FXX and 599XX will be on display during the event as well as F1 cars that lived the tradition of the brand’s F1 Clienti department.

Ticket prices will be at 15 quids for adults and entrance will be free for children who are under 15 years old.

Design studio in Germany to convert Audi Q7 to coachbuilt Bentley SUV

If you are too excited and cannot wait for the EXP 9 F SUV of Bentley, Atelier Valdeig, a design studio based in Germany, will work with Armortech Motor to have a coachbuilt version of the Audi Q7 that will sport front fascia and rear end styling inspired by the Bentley luxury SUV.

The converted vehicle will be tagged as the Tresor which literally translates to “treasure” in French and “safe” in German.

Of course the company does not claim that they will transform the Audi Q7 to look like a Bentley, for some obvious reasons but they hinted that the vehicle will have some design cues that reflects British motoring tradition and some sportiness. The seats are also said to be sourced from a well known English luxury car manufacturer.

Aside from the tweaked interior and redesigned exterior, the SUV will also upgrade the diesel and petrol engines used by the Q7 that has a top of the line V12 TDI that gives out 493 horses.

The German design house will also offer the vehicle with a stretched wheelbase and rear doors on suicide style configuration.

The companies have not released official photos of the Tresor so for now, we only get to check it out thru sketches.

Review: 2012 Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

The Volkswagen Passat Alltrack is the more potent version of the popular VW Passat Estate. It is specifically designed for drivers who want more traction when going off-road and bigger luggage space but do not want a traditional SUV. It will meet head on with the Subaru Outback and the A4 Allroad of Audi in the market.

The VW Passat Alltrack is not just a Passat equipped with an all-wheel drive. The Passat Alltrack has a better ground clearance because of its ride height while the smaller bumper make steeper approaches more manageable. It also features several electronic aids which can help it crawl out of difficult road conditions.

The VW Allrack gives consumers two diesel engine options for consumers. It makes use of a 2.0L disele powerplant that has a 138bhp version and a 168bhp version.

The powerplant which outputs 138 bhp guarantees a satisfactory performance but will only be paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. This might tempt buyers to shop for the 168 bhp variants which has the semi-automatic DSG gearbox.

The Alltrack has an off-road mode which is easily activated by toggling a button on the console. This triggers the brake system to assist when negotiating a steep slope going downwards. It also setsup te differential locks and the brakes to be more efficient on slippery surfaces.

The setup helps the Alltrack to handle without sweat snowy slopes and boggy fields. Well do not expect the power of a Land Rover, but still it will put a lot of SUVs to shame.

The off road capabilities has not compromised the on-road performance of the Passat. The ride is still very comfortable and very refined.

The Alltrack is also one of the most comfortable and most spacious ride in its category. Do not expect to be excited for the things around you but getting behind the wheel is very easy plus most materials used are of excellent quality.

The boot is a humongous 603 liters which is bigger than the Subaru Outback and the Audi A4.You can fold down the seats to get more space but it can be a tedious process if you want to convert the interior to a flat loading area.

The tag price is made acceptable by the standard kit coming with the Passat Alltrack like the Alcantara leather seats, navigation system with touch screen, cruise controls, climate controls, and 18 inch alloy rims.

Toyota Camry and Audi S8 among the most stolen cars according to NHTSA

Based on a report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the most stolen cars in 2009, the Toyota Camry and the Audi S8 are the most carnapped vehicles.

The report was just released by the NHTSA based on the theft rates for 2009 vehicle models that were stolen during that year excluding pickups and SUVs.

The S8 took the top position for its theft rate with 8.81 thefts for every 1,000 Audi S8 produced. The volume of production though was low with only 227 units that rolled out of the pipeline in 2009.

The Toyota Camry is among the best sellers of the automotive industry in 2009 and basing on pure statistics it is the most stolen vehicle as 781 Camry’s were swiped.

The Mustang Shelby GT follows the Audi S8 with around 8.61 units of 1,000 units stolen. So of the 581 that were delivered by Ford, 5 were stolen.

The BMW M5 had a theft rate of 7.58 for every 1000 units. On fourth place is the Dodge Charger with a theft rate of 6.47. Fifth place was taken by the S2000 of Honda with 5.60 theft rate.

Completing the top 10 were the Galant by Mitsubishi, Chrysler 300, Infiniti M35/M45, Cadillac STS, and the CL -class of Mercedes-Benz.

The theft rate for 2009 dropped to 1.33 for every 1,000 vehicles overall which is a decline of 21.3% compared to 1.69 back in 2008.

The NHTSA sees better anti-theft devices like immobilizers and vehicle parts marking as factors that helped decrease the numbers. Other factors cited include better public awareness and better implementation of the law.

The Future of Cars: Green Vehicles

Filling up your hydrogen-powered car from the tap in your kitchen may seem like a sensational headline, but it probably won’t happen anytime soon. America’s car makers need to figure out how to reduce carbon emissions, but driving green doesn’t mean being stuck with a Prius. There are more and more green vehicles coming onto the market- fueled by increased demand, stricter government regulations, and investors waiting for profits, the future of the green car is very bright.

To make the transition easier, car makers are retrofitting current cars with flex fuel, hybrid and electric engines. Newer manufacturers are starting with a clean slate; it’s really up to the consumer to decide which approach suits them best. Here are some of the ways that getting from one place to another is becoming more environmentally-friendly, with some help from The Green Spot in assembling the list!

*Cars that run on biofuels. Ethanol started the trend, but the race is far from over as fuels like butanol are gaining popularity. Butanol is a four-carbon alcohol that has seen use as a solvent, but as has been discovered, it can also fuel an automobile. Like ethanol before it, butanol is a renewale energy source that can be made from any high-sugar plant such as beets, sugarcane or corn. When burned, it has lower emissions than gas and puts no carbon into the atmosphere. Butanol has some advantages over ethanol; it is less corrosive so it can be put through current pipelines (where ethanol has to be trucked in). Butanol also contains more energy than ethanol, which means it offers green cars higher mileage.

*Fuel cell vehicles. They have electric engines, but instead of plugging them in, they burn hydrogen from a fuel cell to make energy. Fuel cell vehicles can use either pure hydrogen, or a fuel Tesla Roadsterrich in the element such as methane, natural gas, or gasoline. Hydrogen is available in abundance, and when it is burned, it only emits water. Creating hydrogen cleanly is very expensive, and makers are competing to develop technology that lowers the cost of creating it.

*Electric cars.
A lot of controversy has been created over the supposed death of the electric car. However, it has risen from the ashes. Newer electric cars are different from the old ones; for instance, the Tesla Roadster goes from 0-60 in four seconds and can go almost 250 miles on a charge. Investors and equity firms are betting heavily on the electric car, which means a greater likelihood that established manufacturers will get in on the act.

How to Find a Cheap Car to Insure

If you want to save money on car insurance (and who doesn’t?) you should start by looking at the kind of car you are driving. In order to save as much as possible on car insurance, you should look for a car that costs less to insure. This article will tell you how to find out which vehicles cost the least to insure and keep on the road.

dolla dollaAs you may already know, sports cars are among some of the most expensive vehicles to insure. If you don’t care about saving on your monthly insurance bill, just buy a Corvette and your premium will go through the roof. If you buy a family sedan or economy car, you will pay far less for insurance each month. This type of car represents a lower risk for the insurance company, and it will allow you to pay a lot less each month.

Auto insurance can take a large chunk out of a budget, so if you want to save money you should look at all the possible ways of doing so. There are a lot of other factors that influence the amount of money you will pay to keep your vehicle insured, but the biggest determining factor is the type of car you drive. Before buying from any particular company, you should get quotes from a variety of companies.

My Favorite Car: The Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive production car in the world, and it is just the most recent in a long line of performance automobiles made by Bugatti. With that company’s experience, they’ve created yet another masterpiece, and have proven themselves to have great passion for automobiles. The Bugatti company was founded by Ettore and Jean Bugatti in 1901, and their tradition of excellence continues today.

The car costs around $1.7 million, and it is the most expensive in the world. The next most expensive car is the Ferrari Enzo, at about one million dollars. For the price of a Bugatti Veyron, you could buy the Enzo and the third-place car, the Pagani Zonda, which costs just over $700,000. However, the high price tag is accompanied by some outstanding technological, design and comfort features.

The Veyron is the ideal combination of elegance and high performance, and it has the capability to travel at high speeds. It takes classic Bugatti design elements and gives them a modern touch. Not only is it the world’s most expensive car, it is also the fastest in production. Its engine is rated at 1001 horsepower, giving it a top speed of 250 miles per hour. Whether or not it holds on to the top spot is unknown, but due to its record-breaking nature, it is sure to face some stiff competition.

The Beautiful Audi R8

My god if I ever have enough money to get close to one of these awesome R8 5.2 Audi Sports Cars, I’m buying one.