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Design studio in Germany to convert Audi Q7 to coachbuilt Bentley SUV

If you are too excited and cannot wait for the EXP 9 F SUV of Bentley, Atelier Valdeig, a design studio based in Germany, will work with Armortech Motor to have a coachbuilt version of the Audi Q7 that will sport front fascia and rear end styling inspired by the Bentley luxury SUV.

The converted vehicle will be tagged as the Tresor which literally translates to “treasure” in French and “safe” in German.

Of course the company does not claim that they will transform the Audi Q7 to look like a Bentley, for some obvious reasons but they hinted that the vehicle will have some design cues that reflects British motoring tradition and some sportiness. The seats are also said to be sourced from a well known English luxury car manufacturer.

Aside from the tweaked interior and redesigned exterior, the SUV will also upgrade the diesel and petrol engines used by the Q7 that has a top of the line V12 TDI that gives out 493 horses.

The German design house will also offer the vehicle with a stretched wheelbase and rear doors on suicide style configuration.

The companies have not released official photos of the Tresor so for now, we only get to check it out thru sketches.