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Toyota Camry and Audi S8 among the most stolen cars according to NHTSA

Based on a report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the most stolen cars in 2009, the Toyota Camry and the Audi S8 are the most carnapped vehicles.

The report was just released by the NHTSA based on the theft rates for 2009 vehicle models that were stolen during that year excluding pickups and SUVs.

The S8 took the top position for its theft rate with 8.81 thefts for every 1,000 Audi S8 produced. The volume of production though was low with only 227 units that rolled out of the pipeline in 2009.

The Toyota Camry is among the best sellers of the automotive industry in 2009 and basing on pure statistics it is the most stolen vehicle as 781 Camry’s were swiped.

The Mustang Shelby GT follows the Audi S8 with around 8.61 units of 1,000 units stolen. So of the 581 that were delivered by Ford, 5 were stolen.

The BMW M5 had a theft rate of 7.58 for every 1000 units. On fourth place is the Dodge Charger with a theft rate of 6.47. Fifth place was taken by the S2000 of Honda with 5.60 theft rate.

Completing the top 10 were the Galant by Mitsubishi, Chrysler 300, Infiniti M35/M45, Cadillac STS, and the CL -class of Mercedes-Benz.

The theft rate for 2009 dropped to 1.33 for every 1,000 vehicles overall which is a decline of 21.3% compared to 1.69 back in 2008.

The NHTSA sees better anti-theft devices like immobilizers and vehicle parts marking as factors that helped decrease the numbers. Other factors cited include better public awareness and better implementation of the law.